I have been consulting to St Bartholomew's House since 2009. Initially I acted in a pro-bono capacity, where I provided support and
A revolutionary technology: mass scale eye tracking via standard web cams
Chopsumi.com is a new online tool for easily organising your friends and improving your social life. The problem that Chopsumi solves
Background The Conversation is an innovative response to the collapse of quality journalism in the last 10 to 15 years. With the
CRACYP is an Ecuadorean Environmental NGO that acts as an umbrella organisation for many community development projects. Their most
The Brief Almost as soon as I started working in Product Management, seeing products from inception through a full market lifecycle I
During 2009 I created a number of stock components, site templates and animations using Flash, a tool that I enjoy working with but
In June 2008, I was appointed to a difficult and fast paced project which had been given the personal go ahead by the Fairfax Media
The Big Chair is was an executive employment site that was launched in April 2007, it's launch was leveraged of the existing
As Product Manager for  jobsinretail.com.au I was the key Fairfax Media representative in this partnership with
Prime Online was a clever and highly efficient way of producing customised eLearning solutions for a range of client needs. This


From 2003-2006 I was responsible for the creation of an eLearning CMS product and in 2007-8 I was a Product Manager at Fairfax Media. Both of these experiences provided me with insights and skills in business strategy. As a consultant I continue to write business cases, map out digital marketing strategies and conduct market and user research.

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Balancing opinions and data in User Experience design

User Experience (UX) is where I spend most of my time in web and mobile development. Designing/Creating/Architecting/Planning the product all involves working on how the user will experience the product.

Facebook pages suck, personas are better for marketing

Two of my Facebook friends are not people, they are ‘personas’ that are used to promote an organization. Both of these organizations used to do their facebook marketing via a facebook page, however they found that this method was unimpressive.

Web publishing integrated into business communication

Getting a website built or redesigned takes a lot of effort. Even if you are lucky enough to have a budget to hire some people to do the heavy lifting for you, designers, developers, SEO experts and perhaps even content writers – there is still work that you the client has to do.

The allure of web design

On a whim, I recently responded to a LinkedIn question, “Can [your business] make it in your industry without a website?”. I answered with a partially qualified “Yes, you can survive without a web site”.