A revolutionary technology: mass scale eye tracking via standard web cams
Chopsumi.com is a new online tool for easily organising your friends and improving your social life. The problem that Chopsumi solves
The Brief Almost as soon as I started working in Product Management, seeing products from inception through a full market lifecycle I
During 2009 I created a number of stock components, site templates and animations using Flash, a tool that I enjoy working with but
Today my newest Flash file was released on ActiveDen.net. It is an mp3 player with an attached album and artist library. It is


As a partner in startup projects I use my wide set of skills to set up lean ventures and launch minimum viable products.

I am currently involved in three digital projects that give me a chance to take on the toughest challenge of all - achieving success in the open market.

[xLabs] is a partnership between myself, another business/IT specialist and two technical experts who have PhDs in robotics. This project excites us all because we all realise that there is incredible potential beyond today's fairly basic technology - human interaction.

[Linguaposta] is an completely online retail venture. I leveraged my design skills and the language learning experience of myself and my partner to build a low maintenance, sustainable business with products that have a long shelf life.

[Chopsumi] is a collaboration between myself and two former colleagues. We are interested in the potential for creating really useful tools in a social context. Chopsumi helps people to organise social events by streamlining the decisions of a social group.