I have been consulting to St Bartholomew's House since 2009. Initially I acted in a pro-bono capacity, where I provided support and
A cloud based web application that helps mining companies save power, water, time and money.
A revolutionary technology: mass scale eye tracking via standard web cams
Chopsumi.com is a new online tool for easily organising your friends and improving your social life. The problem that Chopsumi solves
Background The Conversation is an innovative response to the collapse of quality journalism in the last 10 to 15 years. With the
Background Life Insurance Made Easy is an Australian first - a 100% online Life Insurance advice service. It attempts to encourage
The Brief Almost as soon as I started working in Product Management, seeing products from inception through a full market lifecycle I
In 2011 I completed a series of projects for a mobile games developer. For some of these projects I created HTML/CSS for mobile web
The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age Good Food Guides are the Michelin Guides of Australia. If you are into food then you have these
Hippo.com.au is a youth focused employment site that was launched in 2005. Like other players in the market it's fortunes took a hit
During 2009 I created a number of stock components, site templates and animations using Flash, a tool that I enjoy working with but
Today my newest Flash file was released on ActiveDen.net. It is an mp3 player with an attached album and artist library. It is
The client brief for this House Swap Holidays was for it to feel Australian but not overly 'ocker' or stereotypical/cringeworthy.
The Big Chair is was an executive employment site that was launched in April 2007, it's launch was leveraged of the existing
In late 2007 Fairfax Media merged with Rural Press, creating a much more national footprint for Fairfax's offerings. As Product
As a Senior Designer in the Creative Services Unit of Fairfax Media I was responsible for quite a few section redesigns of the main SMH
Real Footy The brief for RealFooty was for a site that needed to be fun, big, brash and bright, making great use of team colours (but


My early work in web production was primarily in visual design. In recent years as I have expanded my skillset I have also taken on user experience design roles that require my information architecture skills as well as user research and user testing.

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Agile UX for a javascript web application

It’s been 10 months now since I decided to ramp up my javascript skills and take on a hybrid UX and front-end development role. I’ve worked with a few agile development teams in the past two years mainly as a UX consultant and Product Manager. I really enjoyed the iterative approach, doing some analysis, creating […]

Balancing opinions and data in User Experience design

User Experience (UX) is where I spend most of my time in web and mobile development. Designing/Creating/Architecting/Planning the product all involves working on how the user will experience the product.

The allure of web design

On a whim, I recently responded to a LinkedIn question, “Can [your business] make it in your industry without a website?”. I answered with a partially qualified “Yes, you can survive without a web site”.