Steve Roberts

Big Clients

As a contractor/employee of medium to large organisations I am a highly effective contributor to digital project teams.

I have a lot of experience as a designer, front end developer and product manager. I think what makes me a highly effective contributor is that I have a whole of project perspective that I have learnt by experiencing roles outside of one specific niche.

This holistic approach to working in digital project teams is for me, the essence of what makes agile development work. I believe that each role in an agile team is the responsibility of one person, but that job can always be done better with input from other members of the team. A whole of project perspective and good communication is crucial for people to operate with minimal specifications and documentation.

Why shouldn't developers accompany a researcher on [user testing sessions], or designers grasp the limitations of [what can be delivered as a web service] or C-level people given an understanding of the effect of [constant strategic change] on development process?

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