A cloud based web application that helps mining companies save power, water, time and money.
Background The Conversation is an innovative response to the collapse of quality journalism in the last 10 to 15 years. With the
Background Life Insurance Made Easy is an Australian first - a 100% online Life Insurance advice service. It attempts to encourage
In 2011 I completed a series of projects for a mobile games developer. For some of these projects I created HTML/CSS for mobile web
The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age Good Food Guides are the Michelin Guides of Australia. If you are into food then you have these
Hippo.com.au is a youth focused employment site that was launched in 2005. Like other players in the market it's fortunes took a hit
In June 2008, I was appointed to a difficult and fast paced project which had been given the personal go ahead by the Fairfax Media
The Big Chair is was an executive employment site that was launched in April 2007, it's launch was leveraged of the existing
In late 2007 Fairfax Media merged with Rural Press, creating a much more national footprint for Fairfax's offerings. As Product
As Product Manager forĀ  jobsinretail.com.au I was the key Fairfax Media representative in this partnership with
As a Senior Designer in the Creative Services Unit of Fairfax Media I was responsible for quite a few section redesigns of the main SMH
Real Footy The brief for RealFooty was for a site that needed to be fun, big, brash and bright, making great use of team colours (but
The revamp of the smh.com.au was a task that the Fairfax Media Creative Services Unit was asked to undertake in mid 2007.I worked with
The MyCareer.com.au web site was originally built when 800x600 was the most common browser size. By December 2006, an expansion of the
Prime Online was a clever and highly efficient way of producing customised eLearning solutions for a range of client needs. This
DeakinPrime.com is a web site that markets a lot of educational programs and services to a broad demographic encompassing SME's, large

Big Clients

As a contractor/employee of medium to large organisations I am a highly effective contributor to digital project teams.

I have a lot of experience as a designer, front end developer and product manager. I think what makes me a highly effective contributor is that I have a whole of project perpsective that I have learnt by experiencing roles outside of one specific niche.

This holistic approach to working in digital project teams is for me, the essence of what makes agile development work. I believe that each role in an agile team is the responsibility of one person, but that job can always be done better with input from other members of the team. A whole of project perspective and good communication is crucial for people to operate with minimal specifications and documentation.

Why shouldn't developers accompany a researcher on [user testing sessions], or designers grasp the limitations of [what can be delivered as a web service] or C-level people given an understanding of the effect of [constant strategic change] on development process?

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User Experience (UX) is where I spend most of my time in web and mobile development. Designing/Creating/Architecting/Planning the product all involves working on how the user will experience the product.