jQuery plugin for quickly making legacy sites responsive

Over the last few years I have occasionally had to revisit old web sites and work out a quick and easy way to make them responsive. Any site designed prior to 2010 is unlikely to have an css media queries that provide different CSS styles depending on the width of the device used to view […]

An ExtJS demo application

Recently I needed to refresh my memory of ExtJS and I figured the best way to do this was to build a simple demo app. It was only last August when I was using ExtJS day to day but as any developer will tell you, there is a limit to what you can keep at […]

Agile UX for a javascript web application

It’s been 10 months now since I decided to ramp up my javascript skills and take on a hybrid UX and front-end development role. I’ve worked with a few agile development teams in the past two years mainly as a UX consultant and Product Manager. I really enjoyed the iterative approach, doing some analysis, creating […]

Add a widget to a WordPress page or post via a shortcode – with default values

I’m loving working with WordPress because the development community is so large that it seems that no matter what obscure customisation you wan to achieve there is usually someone out there who has tried it and blogged about it. Take the problem of adding widgets to a page or post via a shortcode. This is […]

Adding column number CSS classes to WordPress widgets

I’m working on a WordPress theme that is designed to provide a  lot of flexibility. It has many widget areas (sidebars) and quite a few supplied custom widgets. The widget areas have different layouts, either: single column, full page width two columns, full page width three columns, full page width single column, one-third page width […]

Updating existing CSS to handle multiple screen sizes

I’m revisiting some old CSS this week with the aim of making it work across multiple screen sizes for devices such as android phones, iphones, ipads and whatever else is out there in the ever expanding device ecosystem. There are a bunch of great tips, frameworks and tools around for doing this. I’m using the […]

Balancing opinions and data in User Experience design

User Experience (UX) is where I spend most of my time in web and mobile development. Designing/Creating/Architecting/Planning the product all involves working on how the user will experience the product.

Android CSS background image blurriness

Recently I completed some UI intensive work for a client that was designed for smart-phones. The project was targeted at iPhone and Android users primarily and being web based, made heavy use of CSS3 and HTML5 to achieve the desired highly graphical user interface. During the course of the project we noticed that some Android […]

Semantic HTML

After reviewing the folios of over 50 front end developers and working with quite a few, I’ve come to the conclusion that when it comes to semantic markup, most developers talk the talk but in reality have no clue what it means.

Facebook pages suck, personas are better for marketing

Two of my Facebook friends are not people, they are ‘personas’ that are used to promote an organization. Both of these organizations used to do their facebook marketing via a facebook page, however they found that this method was unimpressive.

Updating from AS2 to AS3 with Find and replace

I’m kidding really – there is no way you could find and replace your AS2 code into AS3 😉 Actionscript 3 is hugely different from Actionscript 2, but that doesn’t meant that you can’t do a lot of the grunt work using a simple find and replace

Flash site templates that work on iPhone (& iPad)

There has been a lot of discussion on the web in recent weeks because Apple’s offerings iPhone and iPad do not (and probably will not) run the Adobe Flash Player on their in-built Safari web browser.

Actionscript 3: Inheritance Subclass and private vars

I’m currently updating some as2 projects to as3 and I had a series of 1120 compiler errors this afternoon. I’m a fan of using the ‘extends’ keyword to create customised versions of base classes. In Actionscript 2 the subclass can access all the variables and methods of the original class. It appears that in ActionScript […]

Web publishing integrated into business communication

Getting a website built or redesigned takes a lot of effort. Even if you are lucky enough to have a budget to hire some people to do the heavy lifting for you, designers, developers, SEO experts and perhaps even content writers – there is still work that you the client has to do.

The allure of web design

On a whim, I recently responded to a LinkedIn question, “Can [your business] make it in your industry without a website?”. I answered with a partially qualified “Yes, you can survive without a web site”.

SEO friendly Flash templates

This weekend I have updated my existing FlashDen template and added a new one to the queue which should be available early next week. I have been doing some research over the past few months into making my Flash Templates more SEO friendly.