Steve Roberts


I'm Steve Roberts and I have a collection of jobs that have variously described me as a Development Team Lead, Senior Developer, UX consultant, Product Manager, Senior Online Designer and plain old Graphic Designer.

To me, although my job title has changed over the years I still think I'm doing pretty much the same basic thought process - trying to come up with a solution that is going to achieve an objective via the web (or occasionally via a mobile phone or tablet application) that will succeed because it meets the needs of both business _and_ the product customers.

Sometimes this means I don't even write any code or open Adobe Photoshop or Balsamiq, sometimes I might even advise someone to not create something of their own (or maybe just not yet) or I might just provide them with a strategy or plan of what I think they should do and how I think they can do it with the resources they have available.

I help solve problems. Sometimes I make visuals, sometimes I write words, sometimes I talk and sometimes I also code.

Interested in working with me? Get in touch via @mbudm.

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