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Talking serverless at MelbJS




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I presented at MelbJs tonight - talking about my experiments with building a photo archive API using serverless framework.

I've only been working with serverless for a few months, and I'm doing my learning and experimentation in a public github repo.

I have heard from a few people that the reason many people often don't do talks is because the feel that they are not expert enough, but in fact the more interesting talks are often from people who are still learning the material themselves. Talking about things you are still discovering means that you are actually presenting more on your journey than the thing itself, and people's personal journeys are much more interesting than facts about inanimate technology.

So my talk was about how I found the serverless framework on my way to better understanding AWS services. In particular I was completely overwhelmed of the verbosity of Cloudformation, it just seems like so much config, with so much to learn before you begin to achieve anything. Especially scary when you know a wrong move can lead to a nasty AWS bill.

Serverless simply do a better dev experience than AWS and for that I am very thankful!

And thanks to my colleague and good mate, @LJKenward for catching me in action:

Want to know more? Check out the slide deck from my talk.

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Published 14 February, 2018