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A React trilogy on the Xero Dev blog




React, Redux Saga, Javascript, collaboration

The third installment in a three part article series on how we use ReactJs was posted on the Xero Dev blog today. I wrote the first part back in November.

This has been a really fun experiment in a cross office writing collaboration between myself, Jishaal Kalyan, Rebecca Hill and Andrew Carrell. It all started last July at the Unconference - Xero's annual internal dev team event. We were all part of a general sharing session on building single page apps using React and we realised that we had quite a lot of things in common but also tips to help each of us improve parts of our apps.

So we decided to write up an article series to more go into a bit more depth on what we liked and didn't about React. Writing articles on the public company dev blog forces you to be more clear and it also means your work has more impact internally than if you shared the content on our internal wiki (Confluence).

Basically, making something public shows that you put effort into it and so it's valued more highly by your peers.

EDIT: In a nice follow up I discovered that a new recruit on our team was encouraged to apply to work at Xero after reading this article series! They're a solid additon to our team so that's definitely a win.

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Published 05 January, 2017