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Life Insurance Made Easy is an Australian first - a 100% online Life Insurance advice service. It attempts to encourage under insured Australians (about 96% of us) to become more informed about the importance of Life Insurance and what options are appropriate to their specific circumstances. As a completely online service a lot of research and design work went in to the interactive interview that makes up the bulk of this offering.



I was approached in mid 2012 to review the almost ready to launch product. The client felt that they were almost there but that the overall message was not clear and that work was needed on the initial user experience of the offering. I was approached because my unique mix of technical product and user experience skills meant I could act quickly and decisively on a solution.

Approach & Result

After reviewing the offering I was highly impressed with the work done to date, but it was immediately clear that the offering was a collection of brilliant parts rather than a unified experience. Fortunately this was relatively easy to fix. It just needed clear and consistent language as well as some informative info graphics and clarification of what the offering was not. Life Insurance Made Easy launched in late 2012 and is beginning to make inroads in to the market.

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Published 04 February, 2013