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Facebook pages suck, personas are better for marketing


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Two of my Facebook friends are not people, they are 'personas' that are used to promote an organization and these 'personas' are proving quite successful at winning new friends.

Both of these organizations used to do their facebook marketing via a facebook page, however they found that this method was unimpressive. Pages are essentially about getting businesses to buy Facebook Ads. Sure you can get people to Like your page, and with a lot of work you may get some discussion happening. You can also message users who like you. However I really can't see how this is any improvement on having a web site that you promote with Google ads, and with which you build a mailing list.

Okay so the custom site route isn't as easy for non tech savvy folk, and I am pushing my own barrow here, but the flexibility that this approach offers more than justifies the fairly small set up cost.

But back to Facebook, and personas. Organizations that promote this way by getting friends and posting stuff about themselves that their friends then comment on (sparking further interest as friends of friends then see this and may friend the original organization) is a better method of spreading the word... After all, this is how they got to 500 million friends in the first place.

Oh yeah and one of those organizations that I'm friends with is a wildlife NGO and their persona is a wild animal in captivity that needs around $20,000 to pay for a safe release in the wild. A compelling story that managed very few fans of the facebook page (no money for advertising in NGOs) but has gained 4500 Facebook friends in the last 12 months... And friends are always more generous than people who
merely like you.

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Published 11 January, 2011