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Useful code for debugging MovieClip.localToGlobal() headaches




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I hate localToGlobal. There I've said it. It seems that there are some things in Actionscript that always seem to throw me off - this is my main one.

Today I had another issue while adding a generic tooltip to buttons that in an assortment of sub clips and components - the tooltip needs to know the global _x and _y of the button. I couldn't work out why it was throwing me seemingly random results until I decided to get down and dirty and effectively trace out the entire localToGlobal calculation - the _x position of each nested MovieClip.

Here's my code which I though was a fairly nice way of achieving this:

var mc= ttTarg; //ttTarg is the ref to the deeply nested button that is the toolTip target  
var arr = new Array();  
while(mc._parent != _root ){  
mc = mc._parent;  

...and what was my problem I hear you ask? Well this little trace told me that the _x value calculated by localToGlobal was slightly more that the actual acculumulated _x values. In fact it was appeared that the localToGlobal function was counting the _x value of the ttTarg twice. Why? Well I haven't worked that out yet but in the meantime I can adjust the Math to make this spit out the x values the way I expect it to - I don't mind things working oddly, as long as they are consistently odd ;-)

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Published 09 October, 2009