Environmental NGO online strategy

CRACYP is an Ecuadorean Environmental NGO that acts as an umbrella organisation for many community development projects. Their most successful venture so far in is landing a contract with BodyShop to supply organic industrial alcohol for perfume production.

I originally answered a call to help CRACYP out with their SEO strategy, however it soon became apparent that their overall web strategy was unclear, so while I was in Ecuador in February 2009, I conducted a series of workshops with the NGO principals to distill a workable direction for their web presence. These meetings were conducted in English but we often needed to use Spanish to get clarity on some issues – this was a process that accelerated my vocabulary very quickly. The result is a strategy based around CRACYPs strengths – its diversity of projects and it’s unique role as a gateway to Ecuadorean environmental and volunteering networks.

For now this means that I have suggested that they completely ignore their web presence as this results in a distraction from their core role as a networker and facilitator for myriad environmental projects most of whom are handled by people who don’t have much need at present for access to an online information resource.


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